Pokemon Go London England Tour by LinkingUK

If you’re like me, Then you may be playing Pokemon Go. IF you happen to be in London on summer vacation like I am, why not combine touring London while you catch em all!

That’s right I said it , Lets go touring London like Ash would!

Our first Stop will be the South Bank ( you don’t have to follow these in order, this is just how I toured the town of London).

I found a Bulbasaur in the middle of the Bernie Spain Gardens, I also found A Squrtle on the right side of the garden if the river is behind you and a CHARMANDER to the left side of the garden.

I have been looking for Charmander and found him, in all places London.
I also found a Magikarp, Meoth, and a Magmar all near the river at the South Bank.I then followed the river and found a Kraby. I think I then went up the left-side of Bernie Spain Gardens and crossed to the left of the gardens and found these.

A Seel, and a Gastly .I then came out onto Barge House street and continue walking down the street.,and found a Voltorb. I then turned around since it was a long distance till I found that VoltOrb, and walked back pass the Gardens (on my right this time).

After a bit of walking and not finding much of anything worth noting, I decided to just grab something to eat and that took me to Downing Street. Here I found a Pikachu! since I was close to Saint James park I decide to take another walk and with my excitement of finding a charmander and a pikachu on the same day within hours apart, I was hyped up to see what the park might bring.

Pokemon Go Tour London England Saint Jame Park

Saint James park was lovely and just walking it was relaxing, but I couldn’t wait to find my first Pokemon in the park, then I heard the weeds start to move and it was time.

First one in the park near Downy street end of the lake/Pond I caught a Seadra, Another Magikarp, and a Goldeen.

I followed the lake, away from Downy and towards the narrow end of it. I found a SlowPoke and another PIkachu! At the very narrow end of the water feature I found another Squirtle.

Since I just caught alot of great Pokemon on this trip I decided I would work my way to The Green Park. I am glad I did I found amazing Pokemon on the way, but the best one to note was a meotwo!

In the center of a rounded section on my way to The Green park, not really sure what to call the place. But you cant miss it.

Pokemon Go Tour London England Green Park

Once I got to The green Park in London, I found an Evee, and a Dratini. After that I decided to head back to my London Hotel the Marriott.

The Next morning after I had a wonderful London Breakfast at a Local London Restaurant I decided to head to Berkeley Square this time, and I am glad I did.

I Started out across from the Allied Bank, and just walked the Paths in the Square and found a ton of things. A Drowzee, Shellder,Cloyster,Krabby,Zubat,Staryu,Spearow,Nidoran,Rattata, I exit Berkeley Square of the west side and found a Pidgey.

After that I took the Bus to Greenwich Park, Here I found more pokemon!

I started behind the Queens House at the Rivers Thames. There I found a Tentacool, Magnemite, and a Kakuna.

I headed towards the queens house As I explored the things I could around The Queens House in London I found a ton of Pokemon!

The Queens House Pokemon London Tour

A Clefairy, DewGong, Gastly, Psyduck, Venonat, as I made my way to Greenwich Park I found a Horsea.

As I followed the Avenue into Greenwich Park, I found Another Rattata, Koffing, Arcaninie, and once I reached the center of the park I found a Nidoking on the left side of The Old royal Observatory Garden. It was a hot day out today so I decided to continue my Hunt tomorrow.

After eating Left overs from a Fine London Restaurant I headed out.
today I decide to go to Geraldine Mary park.

Pokemon Go things to do London England

Found Myself a Hunter, and a few others we already had. So after a short stay at Geraldine Mary park I went out for lunch at a local London Restaurant. After Lunch I was close to Altab All Park so check that place out. Found nothing worth reporting on, beside there seem to be a lot of grass types but I kept only getting Bulbasaur.


Being frustrated I decided that would be the end of touring London Like Ashe Cathem All, so let me know how you did and what you found when playing Pokemon go in the comments below.

Squirtles in Knightsbridge, Machamps in Woolwich, and Dragonairs on the Isle of Dogs are among some other pokemon I found as well!

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