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  1. Shane

    Took a large party here in the after noon, Read some bad things about this place a few years back, Sad to see that stuff still listed from 5 years ago.

    The articles online does not do this place justice, IF you are from the US like we are, Visit soon after opens, specially if you have a large party, Its Really nice on the inside, First place I always check are the bathrooms in a new restaurant I never been to, if they are clean and these were, I know the kitchen will be even cleaner!

    The food was awesome.

    We started off with

    Bruschetta con Pomodorini- Had a nice clean and fresh tatse you could tell they took their time making it and used good ingredients.

    Tagilata d’Angello in algrodolace- Was really damn good, it’s Lamb Fillet char-grilled,thinly sliced on a Marmelade of aged Balsamic-onions

    If you are a tourist and visiting London like we are I suggest hitting this place up, One of the best meals I have had, and trust me some places may have good reviews but we had bad meals wont name any here though.