Banqueting House

Whitehall , London , SW1A 2ER

 Banqueting House


Come along and visit 400 years of British history at Banqueting House, Whitehall.

Explore the royal hideaway in all its breathtaking glory. Take a sneak peek into the secret drinking den and witness a royal execution site. The Royal execution referred to was on Charles 1 on 30th January 1649. Charles 1 was one of England’s most controversial monarchs so you may wish to brush up on a little history prior to your visit!

Banqueting House is historically important being the last remaining building from The Palace of Whitehall which was destroyed in a fire in 1968. It’s easy for anyone to appreciate yet holds so much importance from the British architectural perspective. The exterior of the building has been restored with interior work scheduled to take place. 

Inigo Jones designed this spectacular building to reflect his passion for ancient Rome in a uniquely innovative way. Banqueting House was created for James 1 to use for court receptions and houses one of London’s most beautiful ceilings.  Flemish artist, Sir Peter Paul Ruben’s exquisitely painted nine canvases that were fashioned into beautiful panels and have the distinction of being his only surviving in-situ ceiling. Two of the nine panels are incredibly large. Rubens is said to have found it far easier painting to a large scale. Sadly he never visited the banqueting house to see the full glory of his work which was dedicated to James1.

Come along and have a great day out while learning so much British history.


General Admission:

Adults: £6.50

Kids: free

Banqueting House frequently closes to the public for private functions. This may affect opening hours on the day of your visit.


  • Whitehall
    SW1A 2ER

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