London Ghost Bus Tour

Northumberland Ave , Off Trafalgar Square , London , WC2N 5BY

The London Ghost Bus Tour


Hop onto The London Ghost Bus Tour for a 1 hour and 15 minutes haunted tour and unravel the gruesome past of London.  

The 1960’s Routemaster, which holds an eerie backstory will take you around the capital. You will get the chance to see all of London’s most infamous sites of murder, execution and torture. Newgate Prison is one of the most notorious prisons that you will get to see, where it is said that between 1790 and 1902 over one thousand people were put to death.

You will also get to encounter some of the famous sights of London. The Houses of Parliament, London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral and loads more.

With The London Ghost Bus Tour’s history as a funeral bus, it won’t just be the dark side of London you will have to fear. People have said that The London Ghost Bus harbours a few dark passengers of its own.

The London Ghost Bus Tour is full of spooks and laughter. The stories will show you a different side of the London we all know and love. The London Ghost Bus Tour will delight your teenagers but may really shake up some of the younger passengers. We suggest that you choose wisely who you bring on this adventure.



Adults: £21.00

Kids (5+) £15.00

Concessions £15.00

Family (2 adults + 2 kids) £57.00


  • Northumberland Ave
    Off Trafalgar Square
    WC2N 5BY

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