The Postal Museum

15-20 Phoenix Place , London , WC14 0DA

The Postal Museum


Come along and discover five centuries of communication history. This is The Postal Museum.

The postal system, or Royal Mail, has been described as the first social network.  It took a great deal of physical input to deliver and make it what it is today.

Below the main sorting office ‘Mount Pleasant,’ ran an underground network of trains which undertook the journey of delivering mail. All the letters and packages that kept our family lives and economy running. This is an exciting place to visit as you step back in time to the 1930’s, in this hidden area beneath the City of  London. The working atmosphere has been recreated as far as possible to provide an authentic feeling as you explore the original tunnels.

Please note that strict rules need to be adhered to for safety reasons.

This fun and exciting experience will take you through the small tunnels beneath the City of London on an equally small carriage, so this experience may not be for people who are claustrophobics! At times the journey is pitch black and you will be subjected to loud noises and bright lights; so be prepared.

There is also a Mail Rail exhibition providing stories of the people involved and overall development of the service.

Please note that strict rules need to be adhered to for safety reasons.

Functions rooms are also available. 

If you visited The Postal Museum with children and are looking for something to do afterwards then head over to Coram’s Field. The kids will have a blast.


  • 15-20 Phoenix Place
    WC14 0DA

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