ZSL London Zoo

Outer Circle, , Regents Park, , London , NW1 4RY

ZSL London Zoo

The world’s oldest scientific zoo opened on the 27th of April 1828. Welcome to ZSL London Zoo which is now home to 712 species and over 20,000 animals. Bring your friends and family as you take a walk on the wild side.

Second largest big cat with a complex structure, they once roamed the globe and the raw can be heard from up to five miles away. Come and experience the Land of the Lions which could possibly be the most breathtaking experience of ZSL London Zoo.

There is also a chance for you to see the world through the equally brilliant giraffe’s eyes. Take a trip up to the Giraffe viewing platform and get eye to eye with the worlds tallest mammal. The Giraffe stands at a staggering 5.6 meters (male).

For those who love the smaller wonders of the world come and take a trip through Europe’s only walk through spider enclosure. Did your hair on the back of your neck just stand up? If so you may prefer to head over to Penguin Beach, where Humboldt penguins dip, dive and delight everyone with their antics.

Enhance your visit to ZSL London Zoo and take out one of their many experiences. Get the chance to be up and close to selected species in the ‘Meet The Animals at ZSL London Zoo’ experience or try the newest experience. A breathtaking exhibit which will get you closer than ever before to the incredible Asiatic Lion’s.

For a relaxing finish to your day head over the the Aquarium and admire the 100s of sea species gliding through the clear blue water.

If you love sea life and want to see even more amazing sea creaturers  head over to Sea Life London Aquarium when you will be amazed.


Adults £25.00

Kids (3-15) £19.50

Children under 3 Free

Concession (60 + student & disabled) £22.50

Free entry for essential carer

Parking facility

All Day: £14.50



  • Outer Circle,
    Regents Park,
    NW1 4RY

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  • Thursday: 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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